The jurors have finally reached a verdict for Eric Holder. He is now facing a life sentence in prison for the murder of late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Nipsey Hussle

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Holder Found Guilty

According to reports, the jurors have finally reached a verdict convicting Eric Holder of first-degree murder of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle, where he will face a life sentence in prison.

The defense team has been trying for a lesser charge of manslaughter, but it was found that it was premeditated from the first conversation with Hussle.

On Friday, the jurors could not find the verdict for Holder, which will determine what kind of jail sentence he gets; the trial will continue tomorrow.

The defense made the case that Holder allegedly began to grow angry over Hussle, bringing up that there could be some paperwork on him that led to the shooting outside of the Marathon clothing store.

Aaron Jansen argued Thursday that Holder feared someone could take his life based on those rumors of his client being a snitch.

John McKinney, the LA County Deputy District Attorney, spoke on how the killing affected the community:

“These bullets traumatized a whole community. Crimes like this, the enormity of these crimes, is that they can’t be contained, there are a lot of unarmed victims in this.”

McKinney continued, “The bullets land either in a person or they hit a wall. They stop. But in a figurative sense, these bullets are still traveling. This neighborhood has not forgotten.”

Last week, Holder was visibly injured after being stabbed by inmates in prison.

Nipsey Trial New Witnesses

Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle’s murder trial is ongoing these days and has made new progress. A key witness, a woman who drove the suspect Eric Holder to and from the shooting scene. 

Her testimonies were then found to have discrepancies compared to the video recovered from the crime scene.