Cavalli Boss brings his raw power and sharp flow in a latest streak of releases, including “Drip Holy Water,” “Pink Cocaine,” and “Angel Numbers.” Cavalli enriches his already impressive repertoire of tracks with these latest additions, while having announced the imminent release of his new album No Diamonds Allowed that every urban music fan has been waiting for. 

Just a quick listen to any of these latest tracks will convince even the most skeptical of listeners that Cavalli Boss is a true artist who puts substance and soul before anything else, generously pouring his entire being into each and every of his creations. 

With an instantly recognizable style and a unique penchant for hard-hitting sonics and cutting-edge lyrics, his craft is in perpetual evolution as he always explores new paths when it comes to sound and messages. 

Empowering and perfectly executed, Cavalli Boss is about to make his biggest move to date with the release of his new collection of tracks to be released under the album No Diamonds Allowed.