Miami Dade County-native and Hialeah-bred American urban artist Tu Forty is back with a new collection of nine tracks dropped under the LP The Return. The album starts-off in style with “Ophiuchus,” and marks Tu Forty’s second album after his 2017 LP The Unknown

Jordan “Tu Forty” Gutierrez, aka Tu Forty, is an adept at fusing Hip-Hop, rap and pop into refreshing, multi-layered and catchy tracks. Marking a new era in his transformed sonic parth, Tu Forty finds inspiration in the works of some legendary artists like 2 PAC , DMX , Eminem, Method Man, 50 cent, & Lil Wayne. 

He began rapping at eight years old but started envisioning a career in the game in his twenties. He shares: “Vibes are everything including chemistry. Once you got the right beat, sound, melody, and a hook, it’s a wrap! You can create unforgettable art! That’s who I Am! I Am Art, and I Am Music!”

With a natural abilities at creating anthemic rap tracks capturing some of life’s most essential lessons, Tu Forty has got all the elements for a bright career in urban music so don’t miss the opportunity to stream his latest body of work available on all major platforms!