Florida is notorious for its controversial state government. Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives passed the Stop WOKE Act, which will ultimately ban race, gender, and discrimination from being taught in schools and the workplace.

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Florida Politicians On A Mission To Ban Race And Gender Talks

Florida legislators are taking a stand against Gen Z’s progressive ideals.

The State House of Representatives has passed Senate Bill 148, dubbed the “Stop WOKE Act”

The Stop WOKE Act —WOKE stands for Wrong For Our Kids and Employees—will ultimately ban teachings considered “critical race theory” and lessons about gender identity from being taught in schools and workplaces. Governor Ron DeSantis, who would have to sign off on the bill for it to become law, has voiced support for it and called it a “tool for businesses, employees and children and families to fight back against “woke indoctrination.”

The bill isn’t just happening in Florida as several other states have hopped on the “Stop Woke” train, including Texas, Tennessee and Kansas, who are each drafting their own versions of the Act.