Australian rapper Iggy Azalea is getting her grown businesswoman on. The hip-hop entertainer decided to put the thirst trap goals on pause this past weekend and bossed up with a flashy new fashion drip shot.

Iggy x Bossy

Heading into Monday, Iggy went to Instagram with a must-like shot. The pic features her rocking a matching top and bottom business attire-style black and white outfit.

High-Key Details

Last Friday, Azalea hit up IG with her two-piece swimsuit look. The blonde rap star also acknowledged she’s not about that full-blown swimming at the beach lifestyle.

“This that: Iā€™m just gonna dip my legs in, Iā€™m not about to get my hair wet type swimsuit @fashionnova šŸ˜ø” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Recently, Azalea went to her Instagram page with some bright new shots. One included a clip of her long blonde hair while the other is a full pic of her upper body.

“šŸ˜” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram

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Before You Go

The same week, Azalea returned to Instagram with a new look at her workout attire. The shot featured Iggy rocking a matching outfit and giving followers an up-close look at her complete physique.

“Back in another lil @fashionnova workout set. šŸ¤«” -Iggy Azalea’s Instagram