JAY-Z is back off Instagram after activating his account for only 24 hours. HOV apparently only joined Instagram to promote the new Netflix special he produced, “The Harder They Fall.”


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Jay-Z Only Made An Instagram To Promote His Movie

Twitter user “dimplez” posted her own theory that has not been confirmed but sounds pretty plausible. According to dimplez, who is not an official spokesperson for Jay-Z or Netflix’s camp, a Netflix employee named Dana Kirk who works in marketing at Netflix is responsible for Jay-Z’s spontaneous Instagram debut.

“Dana Kirk (a black woman, marketing @ Netflix) got Jay-Z to join Instagram for 24 hours to spotlight the new movie he produced for Netflix. We stan a digital dash?”

Dana Kirk is indeed Director of Global Marketing at Netflix (Films) so there’s some veracity to this scheme.  However, Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied this update.

Jay-Z Gives Advice To The Youth

Recently Jay-Z gave one lucky girl some tips for success. JAY-Z was caught on the streets by a little girl who wanted to know his keys to success. The Brooklyn rap mogul hesitated and gave her three keys that will change her life.  And he’s also giving unemployed New Yorkers the keys to over 3,000 jobs via his Team ROC Job Fair at Madison Square Garden.