Information obtained by Rolling Stone proves that Summer Walker got the short end of the stick in her deal.

As fans enjoy their first listen of Summer Walker’s new album, Still Over It, the R&B vocalist has begun trending all over the internet. Unfortunately, the music isn’t the only thing that’s got people talking – documents obtained by Rolling Stone show that the singer may have signed a crappy deal back in 2017, to say the least.

Walker is signed to LVRN or Love Renaissance, and according to the music publication, she was promised an initial advance of just $110,000 and a royalty rate of 16%, meaning the “Playing Games” singer takes home only 16 cents on every dollar made after the initial advance has been recouped.

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Managers told Rolling Stone that these numbers are “low by contemporary standards,” and only dropped lower in the deal that Walker actually signed. Apparently, the 25-year-old settled for 15% royalties and an $85,000 initial advance; even lower than what was discussed in early drafts of the contract.

It’s also worth nothing that Walker signed away the rights to her masters in her final deal. As one lawyer put it, the Atlanta native is “locked into a low royalty structure for what appears to be a somewhat indeterminate amount of time.”

Another interesting point brought up in the initial article is that the mother of one is not only signed to LVRN, but she’s also managed by them – typically a major industry no-no. Artists usually want their managers to advocate for them when the label’s decisions aren’t best for their career trajectory, but since Walker is managed from within her label, she doesn’t have a team looking out for her in the same way.

Since news of the “No Love” hitmakers deal has reached the internet, many have been pitying Walker for the unfortunate situation that she’s stuck in.

How do you feel about the new details emerging regarding Summer Walker’s contract with LVRN?