Adam Sandler went to the hood of Philadephia to team up with LeBron James to create a new Netflix original basketball movie.

LeBron James

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Actor turned director Adam Sandler recently created a movie called “Hustle.” NBA star Lebron James is the film’s co-producer; Queen Latifah also stars in the movie. The movie reflects basketball players in Philadelphia and the industry and is now streaming on Netflix.

While creating the film Hustle, Adam posted a short clip of the cast with a group of people chanting and singing the famous anthem, “Dreams and Nightmares” by Meek Mill. Meek Mill responded with: 

“Shout to @adam sandler and philly”

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LeBron James Becomes The First Active NBA Player To Earn $1 Billion

LeBron James is making major moves. Although he missed the playoffs for the fourth time in 19 seasons, he did not let that stop him from getting a check. James has officially become the first active NBA player to earn a net worth of $1 billion, with most of his earnings coming from endorsements and business ventures.