CZARnicholas is bringing back the golden era of G-Funk with his ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me “the Funk”’ album.

The Virginia Beach multitalented artist has been realizing his passion and zeal for the west coast artform. Developing a love for the G-Funk sound, CZARnicholas has been producing, writing, and creating music of the like since the start of his career. Now, the rapper is sparking the return of a sound that has been overshadowed by the many different sub-genres of hip-hop over the years. 

CZARnicholas makes mainstream G-Funk debut with ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me "the Funk"’ album

His debut album ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me “the Funk”’ released on November 27th, 2020, has changed the dynamic of the music industry since its debut. The entire album is nostalgic throughout the thirteen tracks, embodying every aspect of the G-Funk genre. From the flows to the melodies, to the way the syllables connect to each other, CZARnicholas progresses along each track smooth as butter. His delivery makes the listener bump along, feeling like riding around in lowriders with the top down. The album is a world ruled by the west coast aesthetic, from the production to lyrics and vibe. CZARnicholas has set out to relive G-Funk within his music and with this album, he has achieved that and more.

Describing ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me “the Funk”’ as anything short of a classic, just doesn’t do the body of work justice. It’s not just a compilation of tracks, but a living breathing conception of what it means to be influenced and inspired by the west coast sound. CZARnicholas can be proud of the body of work his foresight and connection to the west coast culture has created. ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me “the Funk”’ is what’s been missing in the music industry and has marked the return of true G-Funk to the rap game. Be sure to listen and get lost in the smooth west coast sound of ‘My Name Is Nicholas, Some People Call Me “the Funk”’ and follow the G-Funk rapper, CZARnicholas:

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