In a new update on the shooting attack on rapper Lil Tjay, the suspected shooter was recently denied release for his claim of medical problems.

Lil Tjay

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Lil Tjay’s Accused Shooter Release Request Denied

Mohamad Konate, the man accused of shooting rapper Lil Tjay, has requested to be released from jail for medical treatment. 

According to reports on Monday (July 25), Judge James Sattley denied the request for release and prepared for the upcoming detention hearing.

During the hearing discussion, the medical director of Bergen County Jail, Dr. Michael Hemsley, claimed Konate requires additional medical appointments with physicians outside Bergen County. 

The suspect’s legal team claims their client currently has a shattered kneecap and conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye.

Alleged Shooter Will Receive Additional Medical Attention

Due to the charges against Konate, he will be escorted by at least two officers to receive medical attention outside of the facility.

It’s also been reported that an additional officer will be provided if he is required to stay at the hospital for long periods.  

Hemsley informed the Bergen County jail would provide physical therapy.

The detention hearing for Konate is scheduled for August 8.

#WakeupLilTJay Rattles Fans

Last month, a new update was provided on the shooting of New York rapper Lil Tjay. The rapper was last reported in stable condition.

However, the lack of specific details about his health had fans worried he was in a coma and sharing the hashtag #wakeupliltjay.

The hip-hop community showed their concern about his condition. 

In addition, the hashtag #wakeupliltjay began trending on Twitter after rumors circulated on social media that the Bronx rapper was comatose.