Maury Povich and NBC Universal announce the end of The Maury Show. The daytime talk show was on the air for nearly three decades and featured epic hip hop moments trolling Nicki Minaj & Safaree, Cardi B & Offset, NBA YoungBoy and a show appearance by rapper Lil Nas X.

Lil Nas X on The Maury Show

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Maury Reaches The End Of An Era

Maury Povich and NBC Universal  are ending “The Maury Show.” On March 14th, NextTV announced  that “Maury, hosted by 83-year-old Maury Povich, is going out of original production this spring but will continue to air on stations.”

The Maury Show will continue original production until September 2022. After that, it will still be syndicated but no new shows will be produced.

“The Maury Show” has been on the air for over 3 decades and is most famously known for Maury’s iconic paternity test reveal line, “You are NOT the father!”  Besides the salacious antics with paternity tests, the show offered pseudo support for troubled youth and even featured drug interventions and life-transforming moments.

Maury And Hip-Hop Culture

The Maury Show has been a must-see-tv for the culture, including epic moments and mentions in songs and lyrics.

According to, the term “Maury” is included in more than 840 hip-hop songs including a drop on Nicki Minaj’s “Not Sorry” where she references the talk show icon with:

“She just wanna ride me like a Harley,
That ain’t my baby like Maury”

Nicki Minaj, Not Sorry

The Maury Show has also been parodied in many music videos, including the Lil Jon assisted, That Baby Don’t Look Like Me.

Maury has been a constant affiliate of the culture.  The host has been known to reach out to Hip-Hop artists directly via Twitter with invitations to the show to settle paternity disputes or even marriage counseling. In 2018, Maury reached out to Drake to offer the OVO Sound boss resolution in his paternity test drama and learn if he’s the father of Sophia Broussaux’s son. (He is the father!).

Maury Povich invited Nicki Minaj and then boyfriend Safaree to come on the show and give love a second chance.  And the talk show legend flamed Cardi B amidst Offset’s sex tape drama, telling her on Twitter, “If you ever need a lie detector test – you know you can always call Uncle Maury!” He even reached out to rap’s biggest procreator, NBA Youngboy, to offer his paternity test services in 2018 after news hit that the 18 year old rapper was expecting his 5th child from his 4th baby mama.

Lil Nas X’s Love Triangle

On November 21st, 2021 hip hop star Lil Nas X appeared on the Maury Show in a promotional stunt for his new album, Montero.  In the segment, Montero (LNX’s real name) is caught up in a wild love triangle with a young man named Yai, and his wife Ashley.

In the episode, Montero and Yai are football teammates who quickly became lovers. Montero was shocked to discover soon after that Yai was married with a child. Montero goes to the Maury Show to tell Yai’s wife, Ashley, about their secret love affair.  The footage used on the show was clipped from Lil Nas X’s music video for the single, “That’s What I Want.”