Independent rapper DB KASH is set to release his new and exciting project titled “Born Broke Die Rich.” A clear definition of a self-made artist, the gifted rapper’s music blends raw rhymes with the realism of life on his new album that is set to drop on the 22nd of February.

DB Kash - Born Broke Die Rich

Reflecting on his own personal journey to success, DB KASH recorded a 19-track earth-shuttering album with all the tracks resonating from the original sound of Hip-Hop and unrolling along with a dense and vibrant work of his own ingenuity. Inspired by his personal growth since he made his debut into the music business, DB lit his blazing style once again by releasing his new work of art.

DB Kash - Born Broke Die Rich

Much like his approach to music, DB KASH’s music career reflects primarily into a unique journey of hard work and dedication. Starting off his new album with a lead single, “Born Broke Die Rich,” the prodigy offers free motivation to his fans through lyrics that tell his story from when he was just an ordinary guy to the present time. A gifted artist, songwriter, actor, investor, and entrepreneur, DB KASH has taken the do-it-yourself ethos to absolute levels and independently created success for himself straight off the bat.

“Started on the ground but now Flying.”

Even though many rappers today have turned the game into a business of smoke and mirrors, the Louisiana rapper has been a full-time artist and entrepreneur for so many years now. Having quit his daily job so many years back, DB KASH set his mind to fight against all the odds and perfect his hustle till the top of the rap world. Back in 2018, he released his “Who Is Kash” album that was later followed by another one of his albums, “Cuffing Season,” released in 2019. His upcoming album “Born Broke Die Rich” will be his 10th album released under his independent brand Dirty Boy Records (DBR).

A sparkly pamphlet of production that DB KASH can boast in today, the album is a high-octane juice that tells of so many life’s stories that people have been eager to listen to for long. In his song “Blessed,” he delivers a smooth number that tells his story from the beginning to where he is now. A true definition of never giving up!

Throughout his past music albums, DB has evolved into that capable artist who just delivers heartfelt lyrics with bars wrapped in from track to track and release after release. Several of his new releases have embarked on providing a message of his life story with a speck of some of the most tragic events in his journey. On tracks like Envy, the adept rapper laments how those close to him try to rip him off his success on a daily basis.

DB Kash - Born Broke Die Rich

The reality of expressing one’s vision of their personal journey and showcasing their own struggles can create a path for many lukewarm friendships. Artist DB KASH has had to struggle against people around him who change when they can’t get what they want. This is a vivid picture of many false relationships he has had to deal with, even though these struggles have not stopped him from becoming the entrepreneur with the big vision he is today.

From every angle of the album “Born Broke Die Rich,” artist DB KASH might have just released his best release since Cuffing Season. Tracks; Rat Traps & He Say She Say appeals to the storyteller within him and awaken his agility to turn Hip-Hop music into a powerful story shot from the lenses of a creative musician that has tasted the journey of fame.

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