A brilliant singer-songwriter from Montreal, CA, StevenCharles presents his positive outlook on life through his third official single to date “My Destination”. The compact piece encapsulates the trials and tribulations of life and how all of us experience countless difficulties. But, as the artist insists, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and it only takes one powerful song like “My Destination” to give listeners hope and to inspire them to realize their infinite potential.

StevenCharles is on a wild streak that sees him drop awesome single after awesome single. His debut came in the shape of a love-affirming romance titled “Stay” – a song brimming with positivity and light. “Love You Still” follows suit, with a bit of an emotional edge, yet still immersed in the universe of love and romance. With hundreds of thousands of streams and views on these pieces, it’s no surprise that the artist has built up quite the loyal fan base. So stay tuned for more and follow StevenCharles on his socials!