Renowned hip-hop act J Aktive recently dropped a music video for “The One”, a song included in his popular debut album Bad Luv. The clip weaves a sweet story of romance, starring the artist and Janice Ecles as the couple. Out on their date, the two flirt lightly and laugh with each other, and by the end of it, the audience is convinced of their genuine feelings. Except, the mysterious disappearance of Janice Ecles keeps us on our toes, wanting to see more!

“The One” is a powerful single, filled with the artist’s signature style and masterful rapping/singing we love so much. His music never fails to make the listener feel understood through a heart to heart chat about the seemingly ordinary yet essential things in life. J Aktive’s single “Pist Off” went viral earlier this year with millions of plays and reposts on social media, boosting the artist’s much deserved popularity to another level. If you haven’t already, follow J Aktive on Instagram to stay up to date!