Virgil Abloh’s album cover for Pop Smoke’s “Shoot For The Moon, Aim For The Stars” was widely thrown in the trash, including by 50 Cent.

There has been a lot of talk about the forthcoming posthumous album by Pop Smoke, which will officially serve as his official debut studio album. When the cover artwork was revealed last night, designed by Virgil Abloh, the internet threw a fit and called it “disrespectful” and “lazy.” It has since been announced by Steven Victor, Pop’s manager, that the artwork would be changed ahead of its Friday release. However, 50 Cent needed to get something off his chest about the screw-up.

Ever-present in the roll-out to Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon, the executive producer of the album had a few words about Virgil Abloh’s questionable design for the album cover.

“Hey Virgil we need new album art, they ain’t going for this bullshit,” wrote Fif on Instagram. “Love ya work let’s get to it. Steven i told you this shit was eww let get it right!”

In the past, Virgil has designed album art for Lil Uzi Vert and Westside Gunn. He has been under fire for the last month because of his supposed $50 donation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

It will be interesting to see what Steven Victor, 50 Cent, and the rest of Pop Smoke‘s team chooses as the final design for the album. People have their eyes on this situation and they won’t go for another half-assed piece of work like the one Virgil presented.