Experience is the teacher of all things. With 25 years devoted to his craft, A.J. Throwback is what some would call a Hip-Hop connoisseur. His extensive resume and talents are longer than a Michael Jackson video, ranging from music producer, vocalist, songwriter, journalist, media personality, D.J, content creator, merch designer, and business owner.

His late father, Mitchell Goingsinspired the young creator with his experience in radio and as a D.J. Attempting to impress a young lady in 10th grade, his beginnings in poetry led to writing R&B and Hip-Hop lyrics. By the 12th grade, A.J owned his first keyboard, which later helped steer his passion toward song production.

His debut EP, “The Late Bloomer,” is a two-part series focusing on his pre-adolescent years. The project touches on personal struggles that played a major role in delaying his progress in both music and life. Here are two lines from the opening track summing up the thought process behind the project in its entirety…

“Even if I’m late to the party, I can still dance/But I gotta make it to the party for a real chance.”

A.J. Throwback The Listening Party

The Silver Spring, Maryland artist is looking forward to releasing a few new EPs, a full-length album, multiple singles, and collaborations with other indie artists in the coming future. Since becoming the Director of WINDCRadio, he plans on using his influence to benefit other artists in similar positions. For more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking info, you can contact and follow A.J. Throwback by clicking on the links below.