Fans have long yearned for the return of R&B’s dominance in the music industry, and artist King Adonis I has answered the call.

Born in the city of Chicago, Illinois, there lived a man by the name of Adonis that had a peculiar ability to manipulate vocals to create music that was sweet to the ear. He would migrate to Los Angeles, Ca, where his passion for the art of singing took new shape under the name King Adonis I. It has since flourished into something that resembles nothing like what the world’s ears have ever heard. His voice is as a divine being blessing the earth with messages of love. His music flows through the heart and penetrates the soul in a way that resonates deep. King Adonis I is as rare as they come, an artist, songwriter, and producer with an ear for music and a voice that can seduce the heavens.

Growing up, King Adonis I found inspiration in icons like Brian McKnight, Smokie Norful, Eric Benet, and Babyface. With the bar set high on the standard of music he loved; his path ahead wouldn’t be an easy one. However, King Adonis I was blessed with vocals that could match those of his musical influences and with repeated practice, he achieved a level of singing that went on to gain him a record deal under Dream City Records. King Adonis I was an unstoppable force making his way in the R&B history books as one of the best to ever do it. His music revolves around love, beauty, and sensual freedom. It’s soul deep, creating vibrations that stir a sense of bliss within anyone that comes into contact with his sound. While tracks for men are within his arsenal, his songs mostly cater to women for their enjoyment.

King Adonis I’s ability to create music that draws a multitude of fans to his songs comes from his musical background. He is versed as a pianist and can play across genres without a hitch. Whether jazz, gospel, classical, R&B, or any other, King Adonis I can create a masterpiece with ease. As his reputation in the industry became widespread, he has been the source that many artists come to when in need of a hit. King Adonis I have both produced and written for independent artists looking to gain their big break in their career and even for mainstream singers like Puff Johnson, Stevie B. He’s all but done it all with touring overseas being an addition to his extending resume and accolades. With his new single “Rainbow Cloud” gearing up for an August 4th release on all streaming platforms, fans are already losing their minds at the concept and melodies that await. “Rainbow Cloud” was inspired by magic, escapism, and eternal love. It tells the story of a woman enduring a lackluster life filled with her mundane existence on earth. Rainbow Cloud becomes her escape from that dull reality in the form of a magical transportation system that takes her to a life among paradise in the skies where love is truth and female angels reside. She finds a home where she belongs, among her heavenly sisters after discovering her true nature as a female angel.

King Adonis I’s creativity and originality is unmatched. Saying he’s a genius almost doesn’t even do his musical prowess justice. Follow the R&B veteran and find hope in his new single “Rainbow Cloud.”


Social Media: @kingadonis1official