Rapper Abel Meri has released “Truth to Power”, a highly anticipated follow-up to his 2020 EP “#BLM.”

Less than 50 days out from the most consequential American presidential election in modern history, the Ethiopian-American MC is voicing his views and showcasing his lyrical prowess on a 16 track project that has already garnered high praise from The Source Magazine, referring to Meri as “an important voice in the vanguard of conscious rap.”

Addressing several polarizing social and political issues of the day including police brutality, racism, white privilege and COVID-19, “Truth to Power” strikes a unique symmetry between emotion, intellect and creativity.

With production from DJ Pain 1, Boomerang Kid and Edin, the project traverses an eclectic range of sound textures from bounce to trap. And while soul and boom bap carry the day on the LP, hip hop fans are sure to find something to suit their sonic preference.

Meri’s 2020 EP “#BLM” received critical acclaim earlier this year for its honesty and messaging following the May killing of 46-year-old George Floyd by Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. Its lead single “Black Lives Matter” and the music video (shot at Black Lives Matter Plaza in NW Washington), DC are considered by many as significant contributions to BLM art.

“Truth to Power” picks up where “#BLM” left off and elevates from there. With more room to operate, Meri discusses his views on issues in vivid detail and with an impassioned sense of urgency about the current state of affairs. His command on the subject matter is clear as he showcases his lyricism and growth as an artist.

On “This is Hip Hop” and “Hip Hop Raised Me,” Meri takes time to show his appreciation to hip hop culture and its forefathers that blazed a trail for himself and fellow artists. “They never get the praise and credit they so rightly deserve” said Meri.

When asked what his primary objective for the project was, he replied “making authentic and timeless art is always my creative goal, but with this project specifically, I wanted to articulate the perspective of myself and millions of others to people who may not be aware of, or understand the rationale.”

The overall theme and tone of the project are well calibrated and offer replay value that will likely stand the test of time. Three words to describe the LP are; authentic, woke and timely.

“Truth to Power” is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and all major digital services.

Official Website: https://abelmeri.com