The 19 year old musical phenom has done it again! Time Machine is Abryon’s hiphop ballad that weaves lyrical genius and pain into a baseline. The song and video takes you on a journey that has you thinking about that special person while you sing the Catchy hook…. I NEED A TIME MACHINE Abryon or ABREE, as his loyal fans call him, the Charlotte North Carolina born writer, producer and vocalist is most proud of Time Machine because it was written in memory of his grandmother and cousin. He poured all of the pain he felt from the loss of those 2 very important people into the track.

Time Machine is a song that anyone who has ever dealt with a break up, loss of someone close or any kind of personal issue can understand. That is the beauty of Abryons talent, he writes from a personal place that EVERYONE can relate to. Do yourself a favor and check out the visuals Abryon went in On this VIDEO!! Directed By Digital Qlipz and produced by Abryon and Mark Williams, the video takes you on a visual journey that brings every word to life. The Time Machine video DROPPED on FEB. 27th! Stream and Download the Purple Hearted Soldier EP NOW… on all platforms, It includes Time Machine, and 12 other hot originals from Abryon.