Alice The G00N introduces audiences worldwide to the rhythm & dance genre with a true banger titled “Who Do You Love?” She’s been getting well-deserved attention since the release of her magnetic single, and has announced that this release will be followed by many more this year. 

This dancefloor-ready single beautifully reflects The G00N’s sincere artistic approach to making a unique kind of music stemming from her love for 90’s-style club classics mixed with a savagely futuristic vibe. Known as the ‘vocal assassin,’ Alice The G00N has first and foremost an incredibly moving voice that she uses with a rare-to-find dexterity in the industry. 

Unusual, eclectic and yet fully impactful, her art speaks to the masses while remaining pure in its essence, showcasing her sincerity and straightforwardness with power and grace. 

“Who Do You Love?” incorporates all the elements to become a timeless fan-favorite release, setting a solid base for everything coming next for the inspiring artist. Keep Alice The G00N on your radar as she just announced on Instagram that her upcoming single “Lucky” will drop May 27!

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