Continuing his father’s legacy, Kept enters the music industry with a talent that shines light on his limitless creativity with the pen and producing beats.

Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, 18-year-old Samuel Owusu came up around a father who was a musician in the industry. Gravitating to a passion for creating art on beats himself, it wasn’t long before music ran deep within his veins. Sadly, the untimely passing of his father shook up his world, but instead of cracking under the weight of grief, Samuel adopted the stage name Kept and embarked on his dreams in the industry to continue his father’s legacy.

Kept has since been a gifted songwriter and a magician at creating beats. His style is uniquely his, able to entice the minds of listeners, drawing them into his sound. His true love is making beats and it’s clear in his work, every track speaks to the heart and conveys even more emotion than words are able to communicate. The sounds of his art have seen a rise in fans gravitating to his releases.

Kept continues to extend his reach into the industry while at the same time making sure to enjoy the journey, traveling with friends and dabbling in gaming and acting. He is an artist at heart with limitless potential. Kept’s work has both been sold to artists and used for his personal projects with his latest upcoming release being the song “Midnight Runs.” The track is a soulful melodic beat composition that takes the listener’s mind to a place of tranquility with guitar strings resonating the most soothing chords an instrument can produce. It’s an artform to speak so deeply without speaking any words at all and Kept has become versed in the craft.

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Instagram: @kept

Twitter: @kepthegoat

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