Refining his style to create a sound of his own, PlayyaBoy Blue is the new face of Broward County buzzing in the streets.

Latavian Laster, Sr. is the artist known as PlayyaBoy Blue leaving women swooned with his charisma and vibe. Born and raised in Deerfield Beach, FL, his sound has stood out from the crowd with his signature OG Flow. Influenced by dope Emcees like JT Money, Trick Daddy, 2Pac, C-Murder, Twelve A Klok, Scarface, Devin Tha Dude, and Too $hort among others, he has developed his craft to a standard even goats respect and admire. PlayyaBoy Blue records songs fans can see themselves within, speaking on real-life experiences and situations throughout urban neighborhoods.

PlayyaBoy Blue’s “OG Flow” Is Already Taking Over the Music Industry

His connection to the streets and knowledge of the lifestyle and lingo gives his music an authentic feel communicated through his storytelling craft. Singles like his debut, “Undercover Freak” and the conscious banger “I’m So Clean” are a clear representation of his versatility to make a hit without straying from his unique melodic rap. PlayyaBoy Blue’s name is spreading at an incredibly dominant rate for just being in the game since late 2020. He is already expanding his brand and building his empire with the launch of his record label, Florida Boyz Entertainment Enterprises.

To date, his resume as a visionary includes expert negotiation skills, leadership acumen, and integrity along with being an advocate for helping and uplifting others. PlayyaBoy Blue is more than an artist, he is a revolutionary using his voice to speak for the urban community, bringing worldwide awareness to what they endure while also inspiring through the incorporation of his Southern culture.

Next on his agenda is the release of his upcoming Jonathan Bostic produced track revolving around flexing, shining, and enjoying the high life. Fans are in for a number of new music and video releases that build to his future spiritually deep project, “Conversation with The Lord Pt. 2.”

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