Big Boi speaks about how he met André 3000 and started OutKast on the new episode of “10 Questions With Kyle Brandt.”

Big Boi is one of the most legendary hip-hop characters to have come out of Atlanta over the years, making up one-half of OutKast alongside André 3000. Influencing pretty much every new figure ruling Atlanta hip-hop in 2021, Big Boi and Three Stacks were important in cementing ATL as a hotspot in rap music and culture. OutKast is widely regarded as one of (if not, the) the greatest rap groups of all time, and during a new interview on 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt, Big Boi spoke about how he kicked off his friendship with André, revealing that he misses performing with the creative genius.

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“We just started hanging out. It was a group of maybe five of us, we were all new to the school (Tri-Cities Performing Arts High School) and we would hang out at lunchtime,” said Big Boi about the start of his friendship with André 3000. “We’d go back to Dre’s house because he used to do airbrushing on clothes, so he would airbrush our jean jackets. Me and my brother used to go over there for Dre to cut our hair. He was a great artist, so we just hung out. Then, we had the same taste in music and style and one day we were just like, ‘let’s do it.’”

He went on to say that he misses sharing a stage with the flute enthusiast before touching on how OutKast reacted to getting booed at the 1995 Source Awards.

“It was motivation, man,” said Big Boi. “It’s a good thing they did that because all it did was put a battery in our back. Look who won that year – Snoop, Biggie, OutKast. Powerhouses. That motivated us to go make ATLiens and really come back and fuck shit up. So, we appreciate it. Also, it (helped us) kick down the door for southern lyricists and let it be known that we’re spitters down here, too.”

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He also touched on the celebrities he’s sold dogs to as part of his kennel business, revealing that he sold pups to Rick Ross, Usher, Serena Williams, Taraji P. Henson, and other stars.

Big Boi also spoke a lot about Atlanta sports during the interview, including his son, Cross Payton’s, football career at Oregon.

“He’s playing special teams and running back right now,” said the legendary rapper about his son. “I’m actually going to Oregon on Friday. I go every week to all the games. The best time I had was when they beat Ohio State. Nobody thought we could pull it off, but they did it.”

Check out Big Boi’s interview on the show below.