The “Int’l Players Anthem” collaborators made the bet before Houston and Atlanta went head-to-head.

Last night, the Atlanta Braves secured their first World Series title since 1995, closing out their six-game victory over the Houston Astros with a 7-0 blowout. 

After the game, OutKast rapper and Atlanta legend, Big Boi, took to Instagram with a surprising video.

Accompanied by the caption, “And now a message from @bunb …Trill OG Shit,” we were blessed with a short message from UGK rapper and Houston icon, Bun B.

Rocking an Atlanta Braves hat as the result of losing a World Series bet with Big Boi, Bun reveled in the agony of defeat, but made sure to uphold his end of the bargain. 

“Shoutout to my man Big Boi, I’m a man of my word. We lost the series, I’m wearing the hat, here’s the video,” Bun said, with the slightest twinge of disappointment in his voice. “Salute to ya’ll boys for playing a good series. Y’all fought hard, y’all wanted it. Came to our house and took it. I can’t be mad at that.”

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Bun, who has thrown out first pitches at Houston’s MinuteMaid Park and celebrated the Astros’ World Series victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers back in 2017, assured that his ‘Stros would be back in the mix next season, saying “We’ll see y’all next season, though. Bet that,” but let Big Boi have his moment. 

Along with the video of his “Int’l Players Anthem” collaborator, Big Boi also shared a clip of Dansby Swanson’s fifth-inning home run that put the Braves up 5-0, and dropped a couple of hilarious tweets throughout the Braves’ Game 6 blowout. 

Dansby !!!!!! My Dawg @Braves Go !!!!!,” he tweeted. “6 Zip Fuckers !!!!! #ChopOn#Go @Braves.” 

World Series bets, along with Super Bowl bets and NBA Finals bets, are always a good time, and to see two of hip-hop’s biggest icons going back and forth, rooting on their favorite teams, makes it even better. 

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