Super producer by day, artist by night, Butter is the smoothest musician in the industry with the credits to prove his worth.

Boston native, Coleman Craddock-Willis was born for music. From childhood, his fascination with instruments and music was clear. He grew to be proficient in Jazz and Classical music, able to create professional-level compositions on the piano. Specializing in music production and engineering at Berklee College of Music between 2012-13, his craft only increased in talent.

Since then, he has become renowned for his ability to make music that elevates the level of artistry of any rapper or musician he collaborates with. Not only has Butter produced tracks for the likes of Peter James, Danju, and went on a European tour with Akua Naru, he has also worked with artists in regions like Austin, TX, Brooklyn, New York, Berlin, Germany, and most recently in LA where he resides. Notwithstanding the fact that major corporations like Netflix Inc. utilize the brilliance of his mind in the Creative Marketing field, Butter is beyond simply one avenue of creativity.

He is today accredited with being a lofi beat producer with credits expanding into producing for independent and mainstream artists, with 150k monthly Spotify listeners boasting 2 million streams since releasing his first solo project in 2020. Butter’s art has earned him multiple Editorial playlists on Spotify’s Lofi Beats and Apple Music’s Sunkissed and Lofi Jazz. With these monumental achievements under his belt, he has aimed to increase his weight in the music industry with the release of his new single “All Love” off his latest EP, “Drive Slow.” The project is scheduled for release under Urban Undergrounds record label on September 24th, 2022, before the arrival of his follow-up project, “Auspicious Beats Vol. 1” in October.

Butter is paving the way for a legacy that will be remembered in hip-hop for generations to come. Given his new single, “All Love” is already earning 200k plays in its first 2 weeks, the EP is looking like a sure hit. Check out more of his catalog via the links.

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