Producers can have the chance to work with an international artist and own 40% of his NFT collection with CryptoHipHop’s beat contest.

The music industry today is a vast landscape that eclipses that of its origins, but artists are promoted based upon key performance indicators, marketing metrics and bottom-line equations. CryptoHipHop has found that this inhibits an artist’s creative expression and has launched their very own platform and community for artists to create and distribute their NFT music releases.

CryptoHipHop Hosts Once in a Lifetime Beat Contest Opportunity With Artist, REKS

In light of this innovative change to give artists greater exposure and access to fans worldwide, they have partnered with international artist, REKS to launch a one-of-a-kind beat contest for producers to partake in. What it offers is the chance of a lifetime. The winner of the contest gains a feature on a beat with the rapper REKS himself, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. REKS, an artist that understands the possibilities that come with the cryptoverse, is also launching his first 100 piece NFT collection and the winner of the contest will own a 40% share of those earnings.

CryptoHipHop is creating a place for the future of music to be revolutionized using the resources and options opened by NFT. This contest is only the beginning of everything else they have planned to change the dynamics of how artists and fans interact and enjoy music and art. If you haven’t yet entered the contest, there is still time to win your chance at rewards that can change the trajectory of your career. With an end date set at December 18th, all are still welcomed to enter.

For any more information and guidelines of how you can participate, please check out CryptoHipHop’s website and their twitter thread via the links below.


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