Filled with a wealth of musical knowledge across multiple genres, Danny Gallows blends sounds and styles to innovate hip hop’s next sub-genre, “Future Chillhop.”

Danny Gallows is the multi-talented creative molded through life experiences that nearly sunk him in darkness forever. Enduring a rough childhood, music, and art became his light at the end of the tunnel. What weighed upon his shoulders became fuel for creative avenues like garage bands and theater performances in high school. His next step in life would take him from bad to worse after enrolling in the Navy in 2005, only to return home four years later with a fractured mind haunted by depression, anxiety, and residual PTSD.

It was then music became an even more important role in his life, becoming a foundation upon which Danny Gallows would begin his climb out of the abyss right into the spotlight of the music industry. His craft as a producer never halted even during his four-year service, instead, he became even more versed and cultured the more he produced for bands and independent musicians. His first love, poetry, was an outlet for everything he was facing, and together with his rising passion for hip-hop, a new path was opened. Danny Gallows took influences from original artists like Mac Miller and Aesop Rock alongside old-school hip-hop acts, creating a signature style of storytelling prowess that painted his thoughts over beats like art.

Still, Danny Gallows is pushing the limits of music further, using his extensive musical knowledge of various genres to compose and produce what he has coined, “Future Chillhop.” The rap sub-genre is a merging of sounds inclusive of Chillhop, Electronica, and Chillwave and has already captivated fans with his four Chillhop album releases along with various singles and two rap EPs. Danny Gallows is taking hip-hop culture into its next phase, all while giving fans a musical experience that would impact their lives forever.

Don’t just read about it, check out his catalog and submerge yourself in the arts of Danny Gallows.

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“Hikikomori” Single:




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