Years ago Atlanta rapper T.I. was seen in a commercial for Crime stoppers, where the rapper was seen addressing young individuals or anyone with information regarding gun violence to use the hotline anonymously. Contrary to popular belief, T.I. wasn’t the only rapper during that time that was called upon to reach the community. Dollyhood Records CEO, D. Banks, says T.I., as well as Macon, GA. rapper Sonny Spoon, known for hit single “Dirty Bird”, and being Young Jeezy’s mentor was the first amongst a series of rappers deemed as having influenced by a DA at that time.

The District Attorney during this pivotal time in Georgia felt it was necessary to reach the community by those who had influence via music and entertainment. The DA initially reached out to Sonny Spoon for an opportunity to be released from prison early by doing a community based video that was intended to reach the youth and stop gang and gun violence. Rightfully so the rapper took the opportunity to do the commercial while still being locked up at that time. There may have even been a cash incentive for rappers or entertainers at that time to be a part of the politically charged campaign against violence!

In recent news popular New York City Dj Funk Flex has made a mention of T.I.’s old Crime Stopper video, as well as New York rapper 50 Cent. Some other well-known music industry figures have also mentioned this flashback video as evidence of a statement that isn’t just untrue but also holds a deeper meaning for a time in Georgia where gang violence, gun violence, and death were on the rise! For many who were in the streets at the time or even living in Georgia during these times, all were well aware of the things actually taking place, so if it had been any truth to the statements made by individuals for clout or entertainment Purposes, it would have been a well known fact by many if anyone was a snitch.

D. Banks, addresses the rumor simply “Deaden it”, Sonny Spoon did a “Stop The Violence Crime Stopper Commercial” and we all know his credibility solid, so not only is there no proof of T.I. ever snitching on anyone, people on these big platforms have to realized before speaking on certain things, you need to know the facts because what you say can and has affected others who actually lived through it. ”D. Banks, makes it clear, T.I. doesn’t owe me anything, but I just want clowns to stop speaking on things they don’t even have a clue about.”

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