Comedian Chris Rock just received some exciting news: his popular sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” is making a comeback. The rebooted show will have a new look as an animated series.

Chris Rock

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Chris Rock Returns To TV

The Brooklyn comedian is making his way back to viewers’ television screens. 

Chris Rock’s classic comedy series “Everybody Hates Chris” received the reboot greenlight. 

The new series “Everybody Still Hates Chris” will keep the original plot of following the comedian throughout his teenage years. 

However, the new show will have a brand new look as an animated series. Rock will not only narrate the animated reboot but will also be the executive producer. 

“Everybody Still Hates Chris” will stream exclusively on Paramount + and Comedy Central networks.

CBS Studios Pleased To Work With Chris Rock

“Everybody Hates Chris” premiered in 2005 on UPN for four seasons. 

The show is considered a classic, and CBS studios are excited to be a part of the reboot. 

According to reports, the president of Paramount Media Network and MTV Entertainment Studios, Chris McCarthy, expressed his eagerness for the show.

“Chris Rock is one of the most gifted comedians of all time and we’re excited to partner with him, 3 Arts and CBS Studios to bring this to life and welcome it as the next big hit in our expanding arsenal of iconic adult animation that includes smash series such as South Park and the new Beavis and Butt-Head.” 

No official release date for “Everybody Still Hates Chris” was announced. 

Will Smith Issues Genuine Public Apology To Chris Rock

Last month, Will Smith took to YouTube to issue an apology to comedian Chris Rock regarding the famous slap that transpired earlier this year at the Oscars. 

The Oscar winning-actor also addressed burning questions from fans.