It’s been nearly four years since Jacquees caused an uproar when he declared himself the “King of R&B.”

But while his statement may have been controversial, he has no regrets. In Part 2 of his interview with Rap-Up, an older and “wiser” Jacquees reflected on the impact it had on his career.

“I wouldn’t take back nothing I said because that’s the energy. That’s how I felt at the time,” said Jacquees, who was 23 at the time.

However, he admits that his words may have given people the wrong impression of him. “I’m coming so humble now, looking back, I know it put like a dent on my career at the time, because it made people feel like I’m arrogant, cocky, stuck up, stupid,” he said. “They just thought I was on some bullshit. They loved me, then they hated me.”

“I went from being Jacquees that everybody love, this young kid singing about sex and shit… He’s so cute, innocent to boom, f**k Jacquees. Who the f**k he think he is?”

Whether they agreed with him or not, it definitely made people take notice. “People was acting like they didn’t know who I was,” he recalled. “I’m like, I need these people to just know me. I’m the king of R&B.”

It worked and his name was everywhere. Fans debated who was truly deserving of the title, while some of his peers called him out. He even named his sophomore album King of R&B.

“Once I said the statement, I realized, ‘Oh, y’all do know me. Y’all just wasn’t trying to show me no love.’ Everybody commented on that. Bro, I was on the news.”

But he’s learned a lot since then. “That’s who I was. I was young, I was 23,” he said. “I’m 28 now, I’m wiser. I just hope people can feel my heart. ‘Cause everybody grew up, I just had to grow up in front of the game.”

Jacquees is now ready to return with his first album in three years, which will be executive produced by Future, with appearances from Chris Brown, Summer Walker, 6LACK, and 21 Savage.

“I just hope people are able to receive me again, just take in my humble spirit, really know who Jacquees is, but understand I’m serious about the music.”

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