DJ Khaled announce “Greece” and “Popstar” with Drake drops this week.

It looks like DJ Khaled really has plans to take over the summer. Over the past few months, DJ Khaled has been getting ready to drop his forthcoming album which he recently revealed will be called Khaled Khaled. As he officially kicks off the campaign for the project, he announced that he’s officially tapped Drake for the lead singles, though he didn’t reveal too much besides that.

Now, Drake and DJ Khaled took to Instagram to reveal the cover arts for both singles, “Greece” and “Popstar.” Fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of “Greece” ever since the rapper teased the single on Instagram Live. In the last two weeks, he’s hinted towards releasing it, though no one expected it to arrive this soon. 

“SOME BOY DEM MAKE POP CHUNE WE MAKE CHUNE THAT GO POP! POP PON THEY HEAD!!” Khaled wrong alongside the cover art to “Pop Star.” Perhaps we get dancehall papi for this one.

MORE CHUNE PON THEY HEAD TOP!! #FANLUV I DONT DO SIDE A AND SIDE B With WTB X OVO ITS SIDE A AND SIDE A,” Khaled added along with the cover art to “Greece.”

Do not be surprised if Drake reigns supreme on the Billboard Hot 100, once again, following the release of these two singles. “Greece” and “Popstar” drops Friday at 12 a.m. EST.