T-Pain clarifies what happened the night Travis Scott fell asleep in the studio.

The life of an artist is a tiring one. Between touring, recording, and balancing a normal life, musicians are ultimately sleep deprived in the midst of carrying out there career. T-Pain knows this first hand, though he needed to make that clear to his fans after revealing that Travis Scott once crashed during a session. 

The singer shared a story about the time he was working on beats with Travis Scott in the studio and was working hard to craft some beats after the Astroworld rapper showed him a few cuts of his 2018 project before it was released. As Pain was grinding it out, he turned around and Travis Scott and his entourage had fell asleep. Travis was apparently asleep standing up which is pretty impressive. 

As fans caught wind of the story, Travis Scott began facing backlash for crashing in the middle of a session but Pain had to clarify that everything is cool between them. “Come on y’all. It ain’t that serious shit happens all the time. Me and @trvisXX cool,” Pain tweeted.

Despite this, fans were still riding with Pain in this non-existent feud. Many reminded Pain of his legendary catalog while others downplayed Travis Scott’s overall talent. Peep Pain’s tweet below.