$ee $antana releases “4 to 4”, her very first EP, to an entire audience who didn’t know she did music. Upon moments of her release, the rapper captured the attention of her many followers which trickled into a week-long frenzy of organic promotion and genuine love. She has captured our attention too, with her sassy lyrics and quick rhyme schemes. A popular figure in social media and in real life, $ee $antana is known for her unique sense of style and aesthetics, qualities that easily translated into her music.

“I wasn’t expecting this kind of turn out. To be honest I had been sitting on these songs for a few years before I decided to release them and I’m so happy I did. I was working from 4pm to 4am when I wrote these songs tryna figure out what my next moves would be.”

Her EP, “4 to 4” is an 11 minute compilation of melodic tracks with bass-hitting beats. From her confident demeanor on “$undown” to a more catchy bop on “Print $hop”, the whole project leaves us waiting for more music from the East Coast artist.

Photography/Creative Direction by : @photographyalex
Album Artwork by : @kwasi_brian
Instagram : @SeeSantana

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