Today we had an exclusive chance to interview Berrebe:

What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?
My stage name is Berrebe, it’s a long story but it really comes from the initials B.R.B which, said in Spanish, sounds Berrebe.

I think I have the least commercial name in the world haha ​​but really the name was given to me by the street, by my colleagues in the neighborhood and it is part of my history, around here everyone calls me that, most people don’t even know that my name is Cristian .

Why did you start making music?
I grew up surrounded by artists of all kinds, my mother was a well-known actress and dancer in her time, from a very young age I was acting in plays and musical performances, always involved in the world of art and entertainment in some way.

When I heard rap for the first time I remember that it was a crush I was about 12 years old, those drums, those basses, those uncensored lyrics represented me and vibrated in my frequency and those moments are the root of who I am now.

Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music when they are depressed or going through a bad time?
That’s right, what I think about this is that good music has to have emotion, whether it’s good or bad emotion, music is emotion and in bad times emotions are on fire, that’s when you really notice the energy In music, although I think it also happens with good moments and positive emotions, when emotions are lacking, that’s when inspiration and creativity will really go away.

It all depends on the emotion and energy that is put into it, for example in TITAN, I know that by listening to me and understanding me they will feel unstoppable and motivated to achieve what they set out to do and if I can make someone feel better thanks to my music that is a great achievement for me.

Do you have a mantra?
I have several, but this is one of the ones I like the most “life is moments”

I believe that life is moments, I believe that neither sadness nor full happiness exist, everything is moments and no matter how bad it is at the moment you are, you have to fight to live those good moments that will surely come later and I think that yes you give good moments you also receive them later in most cases.

For me a good life is a life with an abundance of good moments.

What is your latest release?
My latest release is “TITAN”.

It has a hardcore, inspiring and motivating vibe, with different flows and metrics.

This is the first single that is written in 2022 of those that will enter the album that I prepare for the end of the year, from now on all that comes are current lyrics and fresh rhythms, we will be releasing approximately one song a month until the end of the year that we will release the full album.

What is your best advice for handling criticism?
When they are constructive and justified criticism, I try to listen to them and see if they can really help me.

When they are destructive criticism, my head automatically associates it with envy and hatred and I don’t give it much importance.

I just think, each person is different and not everyone can like me, I wish I could but for that I would have to stop being me, and that is something that will never happen.

What are you focusing your time on right now?
Now I’m focusing almost all my time on the album, writing and composing, I think I’m in a very creative moment and I want to take advantage of it for this project.

When I have the complete album we will start preparing the shows for the tour and accepting proposals for events.

How do you currently feel about the state of hip-hop in general?
I think it has its good things and also its bad things compared to other times.

I’m currently seeing a lot of talented new artists who are innovating and keeping the culture alive, I’m glad about that, I’m also glad to see that a lot of the artists I listened to as a kid are still putting out fresh material.

If I have to give my opinion on things that are not so positive, I could say that I think that before talent and a good musical product were valued more, now I see that the façade and the life of the artist himself are valued more than his music, although it is as it is evolving and there is nothing we can do IMHO.

The title of the album will be “Por vice” can you explain to us where the idea came from, why did you choose that title?
It is a title with a double meaning, the first one is easy.

Music for me is a vice, it’s something I can’t stop doing and I will always continue doing “for vice”

The second is something more personal.

This album really for me is not a normal album, as it will be a promise kept when it is finished.

This album is in memory of my cousin Daniel, who passed away when I was 16 years old and on 23, he was like a father to me and seeing his lifeless body at the door of the house marked me forever.

He was a bomber graffiti writer and his nom de guerre wasto “Vicio”

One day when we were kids he heard me rapping and he liked it so much that he made him promise to record an album and that’s where the title “for vice” comes from.

What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered?
I want to be remembered as the one who was there next to who listens to me when no one was there to give him motivation and encouragement to achieve what he wants in life, enjoying those good moments or improving those bad moments, to be remembered as someone close even if meet me in person.

As someone who always fought for his dreams and those around him.

When someone tells me that thanks to a song of mine they have managed to be better emotionally and consequently achieve something important fills me with joy and gives me energy to continue doing what I do best and what I like the most, which is music.

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