Today we had an exclusive chance to interview ShyMoney EMS:

ARN: What is your legal name and age?
ShyMoney EMS: Joseph McKinney and 26.

ARN: How did you come up with a stage name?
ShyMoney EMS: My best friend E gave me this nickname since I have frugal tendencies with money. Well sometimes because I do like to ball out as well. You only live once!

ARN: Where are you from?
ShyMoney EMS: I’m glad you asked that question. So for a short answer I’m from New York but it gets a little deeper than that. I grew up in the Bronx but moved to Herkimer, which is upstate NY in the boondocks when I was 14.

ARN: Where are you now?
ShyMoney EMS: Right now I currently reside in Utica, NY.

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
ShyMoney EMS: For the most part this may sound weird but I work the best at night and most of the songs I make I come up with the lyrics while I’m driving. I love to be by myself a lot to get a peace of mind and that’s when my creative side come out.

ARN: What were your grades like at school?
ShyMoney EMS: I was a 80’s type of student. I played 3 sports at the time (basketball, football & threw shot put for track). I basically did just enough to stay eligible for sports since that played a big role in my life at the time.

ARN: How would you describe the music that you typically create?
ShyMoney EMS: Since I am from NY I fall in line with the NY trend and we have the Brooklyn drill music going on right now thanks to Pop Smoke & Fivio Foreign just to name a few. So basically I make drill music but instead of it being all negative I put a kid twist on things with my kid friendly titles. Just check out my songs Harry Potter and Ben & Jerry.

ARN: What’s your latest release?
ShyMoney EMS: My latest release is “Red Lobster” which also features fellow Drill Rapper / comedian Ron Suno. It’s crazy how this song came together but we had to do it. Shoutout to Ron Suno for showing love!

ARN: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
ShyMoney EMS: I would love to collaborate with Fivio Foreign, I feel like our styles would fit so well. He’s a true hustler and his work ethic is outstanding so we would be able to make a banger for the streets for sure.

ARN: What are you focusing your time on now?
ShyMoney EMS: Nowadays I’ve just been recording a lot. I’m already working on music for 2022 but in 2021 I will be dropping my first project called “T.S.A.” which stands for The ShyMoney Arrival. So be on the lookout for that in the beginning of 2021. I’m also working on opening my own studio in the future so just been educating myself on the audio engineering game.