Today we had an exclusive chance to interview aspiring artist WallSt Hothead.

ARN: What is Your Legal Name & Age?
WallSt Hothead: Donald, 22yrs Old.

ARN: Who would you say inspired you the most as an artist?
WallSt Hothead: Gucci Mane.

ARN: Why did you first start making music?
WallSt Hothead: On some high playful shit with my god brother Tino.

ARN: Where and how do you work best?
WallSt Hothead: I could write music anywhere I work best when I’m high.

ARN: How would you describe the music that you typically create?
WallSt Hothead: Soulful.

ARN: What is your favorite song to perform?
WallSt Hothead: Back On Bully By Me Of Course.

ARN: Who influenced you most throughout your career?
WallSt Hothead: My kids because it been times I wanted to give up but can’t because they keep me pushing.

ARN: If you can open the show for any artist who would it be?
WallSt Hothead: Gucci Mane Or G Herbo Fashooo Fashooo.

ARN: What is your best advice for handling criticism?
WallSt Hothead: I really can’t say because I accept corrective criticism.

ARN: Is there anyone you would like to thank any shout outs?
WallSt Hothead: I would like to thank my big brother because if it wasn’t for him doing all that time I wouldn’t know where to begin to perfect my craft as an artist or man.

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