Fetty Wap felt “played” after Drake’s team dropped the “My Way” remix on SoundCloud without sending it back to him beforehand.

At one time, Fetty Wap was viewed as one of the biggest artists in the world. He appeared poised to take over the next decade in music but somewhere along the way, he got caught up in the politics of the business, finding himself in the middle of record label deals that took advantage of him and his art. This year, he seemingly took control back, releasing his new album The Butterfly Effect, but he ran into problems on the way, getting arrested the week following the release. While his future remains uncertain, the New Jersey-based rapper has been opening up about his storied career, speaking with DJ Akademiks this week on his Off The Record podcast, and explaining why he left a Drake feature off his album back in the day.

Revealing that he didn’t want his name to be on the “My Way” remix with Drake and asking the superstar to remove his verse and only keep his hook, Fetty told Ak that he wanted to give the shine to his friend Monty, who was also on the track. However, after sending the record to Drake, the artist’s team allegedly did not send back his verse before dropping it on SoundCloud, crediting Fetty as the main artist and not giving a spotlight to Monty. As a result, Fetty says he felt “played.”

Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

The singer explains that, at that time, he felt as though “nobody could tell [him] nothing” because his confidence was at the top of the world. He was cranking out hit after hit, and he says that the moment left a bad mark on his relationship with Drake. Fetty says he has never met with the rapper or spoke to him about the release, and he thinks that Drake probably believes he’s “ungrateful” for leaving the remix off his album.

Listen to Fetty Wap explain below why he ultimately chose not to include the Drake remix of “My Way” on his album.