Promoters reportedly paid for his private jet and when he arrived at the venue, was given $75K cash. Then, 6ix9ine left before taking to the stage.

There haven’t been explosive Tekashi 6ix9ine moments on social media but the rapper has apparently been keeping busy. 6ix9ine is known for taking over timelines with his antics, but over the last few months, he’s been laying low and minding his business behind the scenes. However, that hasn’t kept him out of trouble completely, because Radar Online reports that the rapper is facing a lawsuit.

According to the outlet, 6ix9ine was booked to perform at the Humble Civic Center in Houston back in June. Promotion company JJD Entertainment claims filed a lawsuit stating 6ix9ine showed up, took the cash, and left before performing.

Jamie Dominquez operates JJD Entertainment and reportedly spoke with a man named Will Cornish who is described as being “one of Tekashia’s reps.”

The deal had Tekashi being paid $45k upon execution of the paperwork and another $75k in cash on the day of the event. He was also to be paid $20k for a jet from Boca Roton to Texas.

In the suit, the promoter says he paid Tekashi the $45k and booked the private jet at a cost of $28k. He says the rapper’s team kept renegotiating the deal which ended up costing him an additional $100k.

They were all allegedly able to come to an agreement and the private jet flew the rapper from Florida to Houston on June 27. He reportedly made it to the venue, was paid $75K cash, and dipped out before taking to the stage. The promoters were understandably upset and claim they “spent $178K as well as over $100K for the venue rental, security and insurance.”

The promoters also alleged in the lawsuit that 6ix9ine later mentioned the incident in an interview where he claimed that he didn’t perform because he wasn’t paid adequately. 6ix9ine was reportedly under the impression that he was to receive $250K to perform but the promoter contests that. They’re also suing the rapper for defamation.