Devin “Foreverxx” Denson, also known as 2xx and Devin2xx, is an American alternative rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, and “International Rockstar.”

Hailing from Chicago’s notorious South Side, his style of music is
unequivocal and exclusive to his city. With melodic tones and captivating lyricism, he reminds you of Juice Wrld with his ability to freestyle and create music for everyone.

Always having a passion for music, Foreverxx began his rap career after dropping out of college back in 2016. “My music is going to last forever, so I chose to go with the name Forever. The xx is just because I’m 2xx.” If he could describe his music in 3 words they’d be, “Lit, Life, Love.”
Since beginning his career, he’s done 30+ shows, including appearances at The Forge, Double Door, Reggie’s Live Chicago, Star Bar, 773 Stage and opening up for B.O.B. You can find Foreverxx’s music at or on all streaming platforms.

He has earned over 380,000 streams on Soundcloud, 6,000 streams on Spotify, and 15,000 streams on Apple Music since debuting his rap career. His latest project, International Rockstar, released on March 25, 2020, featuring his new hit single “Did It For Me.” Check out the latest EP here: