Sauce40, recently known as “Y3K$”, is an up-and-coming artist from a small town called Huntly, located in Waikato, New Zealand.

His name is derived from, ‘Sauce’ meaning his drip style, while ‘40’ represents his day-one childhood crew. Sauce40 found his passion for music in his 11th-grade music class where with the help of his music teacher and a few friends, they paved a new way in his local community for people to get into music. From headlining local sellout shows to opening for international acts, he now looks to accomplish a lot more under new management with None Entertainment.


With his last singles under his previous name “Y3K$” ‘Dripping Wet’ and ‘Way’ doing considerable numbers, Sauce40 has been showcasing and improving his diversity and adaptability to various styles of music. His sound still has elements of hard/trap rap, but after experimenting with his voice and putting in hours in the studio, he has increased his ability to create more melodic music and has used that to his advantage to increase his listening audience.

His Debut EP under None Entertainment is named “Summer Collections 1” and predominantly features production by NextWavez of 10Summers (DJ Mustard) and None Entertainment in-house producer ProdbyToby, with mixing and mastering completed by multi-platinum and Grammy award-winning engineer, David ‘Yungin’ Kim (Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Playboi Carti, Post Malone, DJ Khaled – and more).

Sauce40’s ability to showcase diversity in sound is evident throughout the project, with different styles of delivery and cadence coming to life with each track. His song, Active, one of the lead singles off the EP, brings together vibrant production, hard-hitting 808’s and a hyped-up delivery from Sauce. With a music video produced by None Entertainment’s in-house production team 24KMedia, Active, is brought alive with visuals that capture the attention of the viewer while they’re caught singing along with Sauce’s easy-going uptempo lyrics.

“I wanted to make the people that heard this track, hear the hype in my voice when I step out of a foreign car. It’s really about sharing my experience with the listeners and telling them about the feeling you get when you get to do something dope like that. I’m not bragging about it, I just want to share my emotions with them.” Sauce40, about his song Active.

Summer Collections 1 isn’t just filled with the generic club bangers of all-action trap songs. Sauce40 shows an example of his diverse sound with a more melodic, guitar-led single Hennessy, where he describes his experience of consuming the cognac during his come-up in the music game. Mixing work with pleasure in his hook, Sauce40 enchants the listener with his voice that intertwines harmoniously with the production of Overlord Mafia.

The overall feeling that Sauce40 brings to the listener in Summer Collections 1 is captivation and intrigue as to where this artist has been hiding. With a solid production team behind this project and grounded with strong family and friend support, Sauce40 is ready for the world to hear his music. This EP showcases his diversity and talent across various sounds with the listener patiently waiting for his next release.