Hoagie Reignz’ latest body of work is a masterpiece encompassing genres across a wide spectrum of music.

Home to Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Holden Raines Jr. began his musical journey under the alias Young Hoag. His style had a sound that spread across the airwaves and streaming platforms, igniting a buzz that brought his name to international acclaim. Young Hoag’s originality and artistic ingenuity in the booth gave birth to songs reminiscent of hip-hop greats while setting a trend in the modern era. Entwined with infectious hooks and melodies merging audibly with his versatility across any genre, Young Hoag became the wave fans would vibe and rock with.

Hoagie Reignz Is the Pennsylvania Talent Shaking up the Industry

As he evolved as a rapper, so did his brand. Changing his name to Hoagie Reignz in the later chapters of his career, even more, pressure was applied to the rap game. His determination is unmovable, enduring prison stints and legal battles, he continues to grow and elevate up the charts. Hoagie Reignz was charged and sentenced in October 2021 for snatching another rapper’s chain in Youngstown, Ohio. Yet still, while fighting his case, he doubled down on recording his latest album, “Singer Trapped Inna Rapper (Stir’Dup).” Even more remarkable, is his inked distribution deal with Sony Music (Orchard Records) alongside the aforementioned album.

Hoagie Reignz outmatches the competition in talent and out-grinds any rapper with his work ethic. His latest project shows the limitless ability he holds in the booth with tracks inspired by Jazz, R&B, Soul, Rock & Roll, and Hip Hop with sounds influenced by icons like James Brown and Michael Jackson among others. “Singer Trapped Inna Rapper (Stir’Dup)” is the one-stop shop for great music that relates to any mood, for there’s a song for all occasions. Authenticity leaks through every melody and the reality of his lifestyle are vivid within every bar.

Follow the talent, Hoagie Reignz who has performed alongside mainstream artists like Lil Wayne, Lil Durk, Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, and Fetty Wap, and has under his resume 200+ shows across the US.

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