Stefan also known as Lil Conscious lays out a few general tips that can help many rappers become better with their talent, and learn to control there minds to the fullest.

Today, when people, especially youngsters, say they wish to take over their respective fields, we know they are being real and also have the abilities and talents to create their unique career out of the same. All these young talents have inspired the world in ways more than one and also instilled more positivity and hope in other aspiring professionals. Lil Conscious is one such name in the American music scene; who has successfully created a name for himself as a rising rapper while keeping his identity secret. Sounds weird? Well, this is the true life story of a young artist who only wants his talent to be at the forefront of everything and hence has focused on becoming better each day as a rapping talent.

His song ‘Bojak’ has impressed Drake, who danced to the song and shared a video on Instagram and supported his talent. Lil Conscious also gained great support from other artists like Diplo, Trippie Redd and Lil Uzi Vert. His first single Ashes, along with Bojak across platforms, have made it huge, earning 1 million alone on the latter just through SoundCloud.

Below, Lil Conscious shares how other aspiring rappers can become better with their talent.

•        Be real: Lil Conscious, in his quest to control his alter ego, had created his stage name Lil Conscious, but throughout his journey in the industry, he has always remained real, even without revealing his true identity to the world. His authentic sound and soulful voice exude his passion and real energy that touches people’s hearts instantly. He suggests others to do the same and make a special name for themselves as rappers.
•        Write down everything: Lil Conscious suggests people to write down their thoughts, dreams, and beliefs as they come as this helps in connecting deep with the listeners with also giving raw energy to the pieces.
•        Take inspiration from your own journey: Lil Conscious believes that artists and rappers must take inspiration from their own journeys, which can ignite the fire within them to take out their best versions right in front of the listeners and help people identify with what the songs wish to convey.
•        Keep learning and practicing: A person who thinks he knows it all himself acts as a hurdle on his way says Lil Conscious. No person is ever learned enough; hence, he suggests people to keep working on themselves, learn new things and practice the art more each day to excel as rappers, even amidst much competition.

As a teen at 17, he came up with his first mixtape, ‘Barley Conscious’, followed by ‘Conscious’ and ‘Phase 1’. His mental health issues forced him to disappear from social media in 2016 and then, after two years in 2018, he made a comeback on the social media platforms. There is a lot he still aims to achieve and is fully driven to provide the best tracks to the music scene in America. For more updates, follow him on Instagram @lilconscious.