Releasing his latest single, “Vicious” alongside the late Lil Keed, Capretti proves he’s one of the most versatile and original in the industry.

Italian-Ukrainian artist Capretti had aspirations of chasing the American dream since enduring struggles in his adolescence. With a mountain of obstacles in his path, he stepped out into the world intent on overcoming anything in his way to success. That resolve was followed by the move to Los Angeles, California with his focus set on the music industry. Capretti entered an entirely new world, one where he was an immigrant with no one to depend on. He sacrificed everything to walk the path to his dreams, leaving family and friends to set out alone.

Instead of crumbling under the weight of being in an unknown environment, he took the opportunity to learn and grow, merging his own sound with that of the culture that was now his life. His evolved style was fresh and unique to him. Capretti released his first single “Sky High” in 2017, and ever since his freestyles have garnered attention in the industry. He had an interesting view on life, one that told the reality of an immigrant’s journey into American land, navigating the turmoil of Hollywood while trying not to lose himself. Fans felt a connection with his stories and followed his career showing love and support.

In return, Capretti never let down his listeners. Every release held something worth listening and vibing to. His latest single and music video for, “Vicious” features the late rapper Lil Keed. Their chemistry on the track was like a seasoned hip-hop duo passing the mic and illustrating melodic versatility over a wide range of flows. The psychedelic vibe over the trappy Asian flute instrumental immediately catches the ear and Capretti comes through sliding with the trendy vocals and lyrical drip.

He came to a foreign place in pursuit of his dreams, and it’s fair to say he’s making those dreams happen. Follow Capretti and check out his latest single, “Vicious.”

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