The “Hollywood Unlocked” CEO admits that he has been critical of the ladies for making certain moves in the past but is ready to put that behind him.

News cycles change like the wind and social media moves quickly from one topic to the next with the help of blogs. Those firmly established on Instagram are in an unspoken war of sorts, although, it seems that many have banded together to help promote one another’s platforms. Jason Lee has long dominated in this arena since 2015 with Hollywood Unlocked, and while he has covered thousands of stories and broken several exclusives. Lee reflected on some moments and shared there are a few famous figures he’d like to connect with to clear the air.

We recently spoke with him for our HNHH’s 12 Days of Christmas series, and nestled in between discussions about propelling the culture and detailing new plans of 2022, Lee revealed a few celebrity names that he hopes to mend fences with in the new year.

“I think that Doja Cat is somebody who I was really critical of because of things that have popped up with her on social media that, you know, maybe I was a little harder on her than I should have been,” Lee admitted. “Would love to [talk], doesn’t mean that I don’t believe what I said. It just means that I’m in a place now where I would love to have space to talk to her. [And] Jordyn Woods. I think that I was gaslighted by the Kardashians and made a lot of promises that didn’t come to fruition, which I think may have driven some of my personal interest in that story that had nothing to do with me.”

He also shared that he and Megan Thee Stallion were able to sit down and have a discussion about some of the things he said about her, as well. Lee stated that he didn’t have a personal grudge against Megan, but he was “very critical of different moves that she and other celebrities have made jockeying for white people’s validation and not really going back to the culture that talks and pushes them every day.”

I was happy that when I ran into her at Cardi B‘s birthday party, when she turned around, I hadn’t noticed her, but she turned around, I was standing there. I was a few cocktails in, so, I know where it was gonna go, but she turned to me and she said, “You know, I’m a good person.” I said, “I know you’re an amazing person and I love you. That’s why I introduced you to Cardi and I want to build with you. But I also need you to see us and I need you to participate with us because we do love you. But you can’t be afraid of us. And you can’t be afraid of questions that everybody wants to know the answers to, because they’re going to be asked somewhere. Well, why not give it to us?” We exchanged numbers and we have been in contact and talking since then. Things seem to be cool.

Lee added that he only retaliates when his “credibility is attacked or questioned or I’m personally attacked.” He mentioned his repeated run-ins with Nicki Minaj’s Barbz fan base. “Yeah, then it becomes personal. I’m willing to roll up the sleeves and get in the dirt. But I’m also in the space now where I believe instead of getting in the dirt, let’s get in the room and put some microphones on and let’s talk about it.”

Watch Jason Lee’s HNHH 12 Days of Christmas interview below.