Fans think this collaboration could end up topping the charts.

Juice WRLD and Justin Bieber never had a chance to collaborate while the Chicago rapper was alive but it appears as though they’ve got a record together on Juice’s upcoming posthumous album. The single, titled “Wandered To LA,” will be released tonight on what would have been Juice’s twenty-third birthday. It was announced through a trailer.

In the video, the song is previewed as Juice WRLD speaks about his battle with anxiety and depression. Justin Bieber opens up about how he used to wake up and the first thing he would do was pop pills and smoke a blunt before realizing that he needed to change his lifestyle. Juice’s friends also speak about the late rapper’s drug addiction, talking about how he would lock himself in his room for hours to “withdraw” from his addiction. 

Isabel Infantes/Getty Images

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The song sounds very catchy and pop-leaning, and many are anticipating that this could end up being a chart-topping hit. Despite his death two years ago, Juice WRLD remains one of the most popular artists in the world. This was also a huge year for Bieber, who is nominated for a bunch of GRAMMY Awards. 

“Wandered To LA” drops at midnight. Fighting Demons, the posthumous album, is coming out on December 10. The day prior, his estate has planned a special Juice WRLD Day event at United Center in Chicago.

Are you looking forward to the new single?