Keyshia Cole commented on Snoop Dogg and DMX’s “Verzuz” by saying “was good” to Ashanti, and now fans are debating their catalogs online.

The dust hasn’t even settled from Snoop Dogg and DMX’s Verzuz and social media is all ablaze with the potential of the next bout. Fans enjoyed watching Snoop and X come together to perform a few of their favorite hits and it was a walk down hip hop memory lane. However, a little birdie spotted Keyshia Cole in the comments during the Live where she wrote, “@Ashanti was goood.” She ended her brief comment with a heart emoji.

Now, Keyshia could have just been saying hello to Ashanti after seeing her in name in the comments, but people interpreted the singer’s few words as a challenge. Soon, Ashanti and Keyshia’s names became trending topics on Twitter as fans debated if the two beloved R&B singers should share the Verzuz stage.

Fans weighed in heavily as they shared their often harsh and straightforward opinions about the match-up, so it was only fitting that we posted a few responses below. Let us know if you would tune into a Verzuz with Keyshia Cole and Ashanti. Is this a fair pairing?