Tupac’s controversial reputation was cause for concern by the record label who axed the rapper from Salt-N-Pepa’s “Whatta Man” video.

It’s one of their most beloved classic hits with a memorable music video to match, but some fans are unaware of Tupac Shakur’s connection to Sslat-N-Pepa’s “Whatta Man.” At the time, Pepa was dating Treach, who would later become her husband, and Salt became good friends with Tupac Shakur after the Naughty By Nature rapper introduced them. 

When coming up with concepts for the “Whatta Man” video, it was decided that Tupac should star as Salt’s leading man in the 1994 clip. There was even a scene where Tupac and Salt were seen getting mighty close in the bedroom, however, you’ll notice that throughout the video, Tupac’s face can’t be seen.

The ladies recently revealed that it was their record label who came down hard on the visual, wanting to make sure Tupac was erased from the video. “The record company all panicked and only kept shots where you can’t see him,” Pepa said. “There were some great Tupac shots. And Salt always kicks herself. You can’t fight the record company.” Salt added, “It was the whole reason. I hate that when I watch the video, it really bothers me.”

Because of Tupac’s controversial reputation, the label wanted to distance their artists from the rapper. “Being around him, that guy had charisma. He was the most amazing person that walked in the room. When he walked into a room, it was truly all eyes on him,” said Salt. She would later star in Pac’s racy video for his single “Temptations.” Watch the video to “Whatta Man” below.