Kodak Black’s doctors believe that the rapper would have a better chance of success if he were to leave Florida to complete treatment.

Kodak Black is looking to leave his usual environment to seek treatment following a slew of alarming tweets. According to TMZ, the Broward County rapper is looking to complete his treatment outside of Florida under his doctor’s discretion. 

Kodak Black’s attorney asked the judge to allow the rapper to leave his home state in order to attend a treatment facility outside of Florida. Details surrounding the treatment facility were not made public but it was Yak’s doctors who made the suggestions. A physician and treatment specialist explained that Yak would have a higher success rate if he was able to spend the final 30 days of rehab in a treatment center outside of Florida. 

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The news of Yak’s request arrives after a slew of alarming tweets that left fans concerned about his mental health. Ahead of disabling his social media accounts, Kodak Black shared tweets detailing depression and suicidal thoughts. Prior to that, there were reports that Kodak Black had failed a court-ordered drug test as part of his supervised release for his gun case. The rapper has been in treatment since his release but his doctor’s hope for the final 

Doctors believe that a different environment would help Kodak Black complete treatment. His lawyer said that they’re hoping to place Kodak in a residential treatment facility in another state, though he didn’t say which state Kodak would go to.

Since being granted a presidential pardon earlier this year, Kodak Black has released Haitian Boy Kodak, Happy Birthday Kodak, and most recently, Before The Album. 

 Rich Fury/Getty Images