After a clip of Baby’s sister recounting how he flipped $60 into $100K, the “My Turn” rapper explains how he did it.

Lil Baby became a quintessential voice of the streets over the past few years. Sure, he’s enjoying the wide reach he has these days, but he hasn’t lost sight of where he came from. He’s a hustler before he even stepped foot in the booth. And perhaps that’s why Young Thug took a liking to him in the first place.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Over the past few days, there’s been a clip circulating the Internet of Lil Baby’s sister explaining how the rapper once tuned $60 into $100K after he was released from prison. Baby had apparently asked his family for $20, though they admitted it was out of character for him to even ask for money in the first place. “We went in his room just being nosey. Me and my sister counted $100,000 with our bare hands. He gon’ come through all the time,” she said.

As the clip gained traction, Baby not only confirmed the story but gave a bit of insight on just how he made that flip happen. “Majority came from a dice game … probably put 60$ on 2k then I ain’t loose for a week straight,” he commented under an Instagram Post.

Baby can apparently make that $100K even faster these days. Following his recent string of successes, the rapper revealed that he’s charging $100K a verse now.