The Los Angeles, CA artist, Matthew William Hunkins has done it again with a body of work that embodies the essence of Grunge Rap. 

Gaining a passion for the culture of hip hop, Hunkins was drawn to the aggressive and lyrical nature of the Grunge Rap sub-genre. Over time he dived deeper into his craft and with practice and perseverance, he developed his own unique sound and style. Using his refined talent, he aims to elevate Grunge Rap beyond where it has ever gone before with cuts from the “MEMBERSHIP MIXTAPE SIDE A” project. Hunkins showcases peak lyricism with gritty flows over Anno Domini Nation produced standout tracks like “SHE CALL ME CHAPO featuring PLANET ASIA, “Armageddon” featuring KILLAH PRIEST, and “Don’t Be Afraid” featuring ???.  

“SHE CALL ME CHAPO” speaks to the height of Hunkins’ talent as a rapper. He does the track justice building upon the grimy instrumental. With hardcore rhyme schemes and lyrics, he cements his status as a problem in the rap game, more potent than any drug known to man. “Armageddon” is a war ready anthem, a song to spark fire in the hearts of humanity to fight against the system. It details prophecies and wraps covid mysteries into perfectly weaved lyrics over the darkly crafted beat. The final track “Don’t Be Afraid” opens-up a lighter side to Hunkins. It has the smooth female vocals over the hook while he illustrates his ability to diversify his flows and cadence while still keeping within the Grunge Rap genre. 

All three tracks attest to the high quality of music Hunkins brings to life. These are just a taste of the sound that has given the LA artist much buzz and acclaim in the music industry. Hunkins continues to earn hip hop’s respect with his undeniable skills as an Emcee. Follow the artist and stream the hit tracks that have been bringing him much deserved recognition.  

“She Call Me Chapo”: 


“Don’t Be Afraid”: